coffee post

I’ve been on a postcard designing frenzy this week. I’m really putting my graphic tablet to work but it’s been very cooperative and so… I have 8 designs in the print shop! I cannot wait to hold them in my hands. Here’s a sneak peek of my world coffee series postcards, designed specially for Wildnis Café. They will be available for sale in a week (fingers crossed) at Wildnis/Lichtung.

wildnispostcard1 wildnispostcard2 wildnispostcard3 wildnispostcard4featuring:
1. italian mokapot
2. french press
3. vietnamese cà phê phin
4. german pourover



lazy sunday

Here I am in Germany, and I haven’t made much since I arrived, except these 2 fellows here… tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

This morning, I found them lounging in their paper chairs, enjoying the sun, and talking about their much anticipated travels, Dee is flying to Singapore, and Dum is heading to Colorado.

On a different note, I bought a sewing machine, which I’m hoping will be delivered tomorrow. *can’t wait*. And I have a bunch of recycled material. I sense a sewing storm brewing…

In 57 hours, I leave on a jet plane bound for Germany. Time has indeed bounded past since I came back in April, but it has been precious time well-spent, hanging out with my beloved friends, making stuff and figuring out how this blog thing is going to work (among other things). Fun times. Anyway I wanted to thank my best girl Queenie and best (and only) mom who let me use parts of their houses as my workspace, and had to put up with scraps of yarn, fabric and other mysterious objects. And to my dear friends and readers, thank you for reading and supporting my endeavors. So let’s just say I’m going to be on the dark side of the moon for a little while… but stay tuned. 🙂