When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd

This really has nothing to do with children, or craft, but since this is honestly and truly handmade, it counts. I made lemon curd last night… on a whim. Well actually, it’s because a colleague/friend is going to make big fat pancakes today to raise funds for pick-a-pocket’s cafe in town, I thought I’d do my part. I was going to buy a jar of lemon curd to contribute as pancake enhancers, but then pinterest happened, followed closely by an epiphany…

1. I am a university graduate
2. I already have some ingredients which I want to use up before I move this Sunday
3. With the amount of money I would spend on buying a jar of lemon curd that’s actually made in the UK, I can make heaps more lemon curd. fresh stuff
4. If successful, I could potentially be in the running for Martha Stewart of Herrnhut

So at 7.30 in the evening, I ran to the grocery store, grabbed my supplies, and made my first batch of handmade lemon curd. And I found the perfect jar for it too. I put some in my cereal this morning and it was grrrreat.


the collector

Sometimes I don’t know why I collect certain things. There are times when I find a bunch of junk and have no idea what I was thinking. I suppose everyone is a collector, in some way. My dad would keep newspaper clippings; I keep anything that looks interesting to my eye… anything that just maybe could be turned into something else. Anyway, just the other day I found my collection of bus tickets that I acquired from my time in Chișinău, Moldova. So I reached for my glue stick and out came this. Not sure what I should do with this now… but it did bring back some fond memories.

the Kind winter collection


Presenting… my winter collection which I will be posting in my new few posts.

Okay, I know it’s technically spring (although it snowed a bunch today), but since this collection was inspired by the last 3 months I spent travelling around East Europe, I think the title is quite appropriate. I still remember the day we set out from Herrnhut. I brought several art tools and was eager to see how God could use a motley band of artists to bless people and bring hope to a region that was, to me, fairly obscure. It was going to be winter time in an area stricken by poverty, where corruption and trafficking are rampant. What I found, driving through some 14 countries was stunning landscapes, charming hospitable folk, and inspiring handmade art. I count myself privileged to have met some incredibly creative people along the way. God opened my eyes to beauty in the most unlikely places… and even though I received a few awkward stares for salvaging trash for projects or taking photos of dirty buses, I am excited to have a collection that will remind me of my experiences in Eastern Europe. I’m also pumped about doing an art show next week in Bavaria.