travel happy pouch


Passport pouch (lined): S$14



a mini sleeve

My first commissioned case -pun intended- for a friend’s iPad mini.
Made with felt + wool plaid + leather.

Want something like this custom-made? Write me. 50% of profits will go toward supporting the [‘vɪltnɪs] café ( a project by Pick A Pocket) in Herrnhut. We’re still raising funds to complete the café / gallery, and add more seating.

Coming up next, my latest collection that I’ve been working on for the Christmas market in Herrnhut, which actually took place today.

rain bag

I’ve been collecting material on the low, and to be honest, it’s been quite long-drawn, even with my keen eye for junk. But last month I received a booster package from the lovely Queenie, who has been one of my biggest supporters and contributors for my handmade art. In it was, amongst other little treasures, the cutest green polkadot water-resistant material – just what I needed for a rainy carry-all day, cos it rains a bunch here. I got to experiment with making a fully lined bag, with a nice long zipper to top it all off. Also the base is firm enough so it doesn’t sag, which has been bugging the bejeebers out of me when I used to made bags with a base. So I’m going to make more bags this way. woop.

the folding of a bag

So..confession time…I’ve never worked with zips before. “How can that be?” you ask. Simple. Just use any of the other means of closures: hooks, snaps, velcro, sticky tape,… prayer? So far I’ve done pretty well in avoiding zippity zips, but I figured that if i want to go anywhere near pro, I have to overcome this little hurdle. So there you have it, the story behind my first zippered (and fully lined) bag. By the way, it folds to become a clutch. Handy eh?