Invisible Child

There are more than 22,000 homeless children in New York, the highest number since the Great Depression. This is one of their stories.


let’s go everywhere

goeverywhereIt started with a doodle, and then I tried it out in white gel ink on a black postcard.
And soon there were 4 postcards.
postcard-rucksackAnd then I thought, why stop there. So there were journals.
More coming soon…

the end and the beginning

Wow, it’s been 7 months, and tomorrow I come to the end of a very significant journey of my life. One of the very cool things that came out of it is this website and a love for all things handmade…

the end…
So this will be my last post as a student of Marriage of the Arts in Herrnhut, and I will be making a contribution of €40 to Not For Sale, from the sale of The Kind Collection during this time, and some of the leftover items will be donated to Pick a Pocket, a ministry in Herrnhut that uses art and creative media to battle against extreme poverty.

and the beginning…
However something new is brewing and bubbling, as I venture into becomming a full-time artisan. While I will still be posting stuff here, I’m going to be working on turning this site into an online store of some kind, of handmade items and random bits & bobs I’ve gathered over the years (for the day I start an online store). The basis of this store remains – raising awareness for oppressed and enslaved children, and advancing the cause of ending modern-day slavery.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for reading and supporting this blog thus far! I might go into obscurity for a while so do be patient… but yea I can’t wait to see where this goes from here!

hugs & love, Noelle.


So, I’ll be going on a 10-week journey around Eastern Europe with a team of artists, which doesn’t mean I’ll stop making things, it just means that I won’t be posting as regularly, or even at all during this time. But when I’m back, I’ll be sure to post pictures of stuff I’ve made along the way. My goal is to make 10 items (one for each week), and incorporate the following:

1. teach a local person a technique I’ve learned in the past 3 months

2. make something to bless a person I meet on my journey

3. learn a new technique from a local person and document it

4. make a 100% recycled product

5. make something to bless someone on my team

I’m excited 🙂

not for sale

Child trafficking is one of the gravest forms of child abuse today. Every day, children are bought, sold and transported away from their homes. Poverty makes children especially vulnerable to being trafficked, and because children are unaware of their rights, they are easy targets. Some children are sold by their own parents. Others are lured by what they think are legitimate job offers like waitressing, but then are forced into prostitution. A child could be sold for US$600. Most trafficked children end up being sexually exploited, used as child laborers, or forced into armed conflict as child soldiers.

The trafficking of human beings is a multibillion-dollar business; and it is growing.

The Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 estimates that 12.3 million people remain in forced labor, bonded labor, and forced prostitution. Other estimates suggest the number of people enslaved around the world could be more than double that. Approximately 1 million children enter the commercial sex trade every year. Criminals are estimated to reap over US$30 billion in illicit gains each year by trafficking people.

How can a life be cheaper than the laptop I use to type this. A human being – created in the image of God – worth only a fraction of the price of a designer handbag. Are we ok with this?