a mini sleeve

My first commissioned case -pun intended- for a friend’s iPad mini.
Made with felt + wool plaid + leather.

Want something like this custom-made? Write me. 50% of profits will go toward supporting the [‘vɪltnɪs] café ( a project by Pick A Pocket) in Herrnhut. We’re still raising funds to complete the café / gallery, and add more seating.

Coming up next, my latest collection that I’ve been working on for the Christmas market in Herrnhut, which actually took place today.


rain bag

I’ve been collecting material on the low, and to be honest, it’s been quite long-drawn, even with my keen eye for junk. But last month I received a booster package from the lovely Queenie, who has been one of my biggest supporters and contributors for my handmade art. In it was, amongst other little treasures, the cutest green polkadot water-resistant material – just what I needed for a rainy carry-all day, cos it rains a bunch here. I got to experiment with making a fully lined bag, with a nice long zipper to top it all off. Also the base is firm enough so it doesn’t sag, which has been bugging the bejeebers out of me when I used to made bags with a base. So I’m going to make more bags this way. woop.

Tag Tag

The great thing about German holidays (at least in this corner of Germany) is that since the whole town pretty much shuts down, you really have the whole day to contemplate the significance of this day. And appreciate I did, the fact that I was here, in Saxony, in Germany, on Reformationstag (Reformation Day). But I also handstamped a load of gift tags with my latest lino stamps, for a handmade fair somewhere in Atlanta. I wish I had all my lino stamps with me here in Germany. 

pins & needles

Loving my new sewing machine… and a bunch of new [old] bedding that I collected from the base. Bedding that was thrown out because they were faded and old, or didn’t fit the huge square german pillows, or were just strangely shaped/sized. Also there was something that looked like a cross between a sleeping bag, a poncho, and a duvet cover. Very strange. Anyway, all the better for me cos it was made from a lovely blue gingham fabric which I could totally use. I now have curtains in my room (i’ll post pictures on the weekend), and these little pin cushions. Both curtains and pin cushions have been very useful.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd

This really has nothing to do with children, or craft, but since this is honestly and truly handmade, it counts. I made lemon curd last night… on a whim. Well actually, it’s because a colleague/friend is going to make big fat pancakes today to raise funds for pick-a-pocket’s cafe in town, I thought I’d do my part. I was going to buy a jar of lemon curd to contribute as pancake enhancers, but then pinterest happened, followed closely by an epiphany…

1. I am a university graduate
2. I already have some ingredients which I want to use up before I move this Sunday
3. With the amount of money I would spend on buying a jar of lemon curd that’s actually made in the UK, I can make heaps more lemon curd. fresh stuff
4. If successful, I could potentially be in the running for Martha Stewart of Herrnhut

So at 7.30 in the evening, I ran to the grocery store, grabbed my supplies, and made my first batch of handmade lemon curd. And I found the perfect jar for it too. I put some in my cereal this morning and it was grrrreat.

lazy sunday

Here I am in Germany, and I haven’t made much since I arrived, except these 2 fellows here… tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

This morning, I found them lounging in their paper chairs, enjoying the sun, and talking about their much anticipated travels, Dee is flying to Singapore, and Dum is heading to Colorado.

On a different note, I bought a sewing machine, which I’m hoping will be delivered tomorrow. *can’t wait*. And I have a bunch of recycled material. I sense a sewing storm brewing…

In 57 hours, I leave on a jet plane bound for Germany. Time has indeed bounded past since I came back in April, but it has been precious time well-spent, hanging out with my beloved friends, making stuff and figuring out how this blog thing is going to work (among other things). Fun times. Anyway I wanted to thank my best girl Queenie and best (and only) mom who let me use parts of their houses as my workspace, and had to put up with scraps of yarn, fabric and other mysterious objects. And to my dear friends and readers, thank you for reading and supporting my endeavors. So let’s just say I’m going to be on the dark side of the moon for a little while… but stay tuned. 🙂