pins & needles

Loving my new sewing machine… and a bunch of new [old] bedding that I collected from the base. Bedding that was thrown out because they were faded and old, or didn’t fit the huge square german pillows, or were just strangely shaped/sized. Also there was something that looked like a cross between a sleeping bag, a poncho, and a duvet cover. Very strange. Anyway, all the better for me cos it was made from a lovely blue gingham fabric which I could totally use. I now have curtains in my room (i’ll post pictures on the weekend), and these little pin cushions. Both curtains and pin cushions have been very useful.


promise rain

Some time back last year, I made a bunch of felted raindrops which I had planned to make a toy mobile with (see post). It took a bit of experimentation, and a lot of willpower to overcome my inertia, but I finally completed it! It’s called promise rain, inspired by Isaiah 44:3. How precious, the promise of┬árain is, a gift bringing forth life and blessing.