A stamp set I made last Christmas, but forgot to blog about.
Applied on journals and postcards in black ink or aspen mist chalk ink.







I think envelopes are underrated. They’re the sidekick, you’d never give more than 2 seconds of eyeball time before wanting to rip them open. They get stamped, sorted, ripped up, tossed in the trash, occasionally reused. But a good envelope makes all the difference, like a well-built house.

So I might have a slight obsession with envelopes, as you can tell from my previous work. Envelope bags, pouches, passport covers, and now, envelopes for envelopes. It was a cold Spring day some time back in May, I worked on making a pilot series of envelope templates to make my own envelopes out of recycled paper. Inspired by the matryoshka doll, also known as the Russian babushka dolls. I’ll be making a series of these for sale.

the collector

Sometimes I don’t know why I collect certain things. There are times when I find a bunch of junk and have no idea what I was thinking. I suppose everyone is a collector, in some way. My dad would keep newspaper clippings; I keep anything that looks interesting to my eye… anything that just maybe could be turned into something else. Anyway, just the other day I found my collection of bus tickets that I acquired from my time in Chișinău, Moldova. So I reached for my glue stick and out came this. Not sure what I should do with this now… but it did bring back some fond memories.