I think envelopes are underrated. They’re the sidekick, you’d never give more than 2 seconds of eyeball time before wanting to rip them open. They get stamped, sorted, ripped up, tossed in the trash, occasionally reused. But a good envelope makes all the difference, like a well-built house.

So I might have a slight obsession with envelopes, as you can tell from my previous work. Envelope bags, pouches, passport covers, and now, envelopes for envelopes. It was a cold Spring day some time back in May, I worked on making a pilot series of envelope templates to make my own envelopes out of recycled paper. Inspired by the matryoshka doll, also known as the Russian babushka dolls. I’ll be making a series of these for sale.


the folding of a bag

So..confession time…I’ve never worked with zips before. “How can that be?” you ask. Simple. Just use any of the other means of closures: hooks, snaps, velcro, sticky tape,… prayer? So far I’ve done pretty well in avoiding zippity zips, but I figured that if i want to go anywhere near pro, I have to overcome this little hurdle. So there you have it, the story behind my first zippered (and fully lined) bag. By the way, it folds to become a clutch. Handy eh?