meet the family’s been 2 months in my (metaphorical) workshop! Yes, I’ve been busy experimenting, as well as finding lots of stuff to up-cycle. But I’ve also been expanding my family of little square creatures. Introducing…

Here’s a little family history.
Vintor (not in photo) has been given away to a good home in Tasmania, to my very own baby niece! As for Herbie, due to his amiable nature, I’ve gotten a couple of requests, so he now has two ‘descendants’. Next, we have Megamind, cos you know, he is a giant blue head. Then we have Oscar, who is by no means a grouch; he’s really a dark grey softie. Finally, little Bumble Bee, super quiet and shy, butĀ irresistibleĀ all the same.

Here’s the deal. I’m looking for good homes for these babies, for any donation* (I was going to sell them for S$14) but I’ve decided otherwise. It feels a little cruel selling them… So if you are wanting to adopt any, post a comment or something. Note: All the Herbies are taken.

*not inclusive of postage fee (which you’ll have to pay for)