the Kind winter collection


Presenting… my winter collection which I will be posting in my new few posts.

Okay, I know it’s technically spring (although it snowed a bunch today), but since this collection was inspired by the last 3 months I spent travelling around East Europe, I think the title is quite appropriate. I still remember the day we set out from Herrnhut. I brought several art tools and was eager to see how God could use a motley band of artists to bless people and bring hope to a region that was, to me, fairly obscure. It was going to be winter time in an area stricken by poverty, where corruption and trafficking are rampant. What I found, driving through some 14 countries was stunning landscapes, charming hospitable folk, and inspiring handmade art. I count myself privileged to have met some incredibly creative people along the way. God opened my eyes to beauty in the most unlikely places… and even though I received a few awkward stares for salvaging trash for projects or taking photos of dirty buses, I am excited to have a collection that will remind me of my experiences in Eastern Europe. I’m also pumped about doing an art show next week in Bavaria.